Grappa di Amarone Price €50.80


Sensory features: The delicately perfumed Amarone grappa, has a characteristic, pronounced sensation of cherry to the palate, which is characteristic of grapes from this region, as well as a rich and lasting silky taste.

Technical notes: 80% Corvina Veronese, 15% Rondinella & 5% Oseleta.
Immediately after being drawn off, the dregs are subjected to soft pressing and are then distilled in copper steam stills, with a slow and discontinuous cycle. The distillation process is physical in nature, through which, using heat, it is possible to condense the volatile parts of the dregs. The "head" and "tail" are eliminated for conservation and to exalt the aromas and characteristic taste of the grapes from which the grappa is produced. Amarone grappa is refined in durmast oak casks for 12 months.

Alcohol content: 43%

Bottle size: 500 ml

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