Cotswolds Old Tom Gin Price € 42.80

Old Tom

The Cotswolds Distillery version of an old classic

The Old Tom Gin is in keeping with a traditional Old Tom, and has sweet, woody notes from liquorice root, light spice from ginger, zesty orange citrus and a hint of cardamom. 

The finest ingredients

We add juniper, coriander and angelica to our flavourless base spirit, together with fresh orange peel, liquorice root, ground ginger, caraway and cardamom. 

Lovingly crafted

To make our Old Tom Gin, we add all of the botanicals to our 50-litre Holstein still, Valerie, along with 60% ABV ‘neutral grain spirit’, a base alcohol made from wheat which is completely flavourless. We then begin distillation, collecting only the purest part of the run known as the ‘hearts’, before adding a touch of sugar syrup in keeping with traditional Old Tom recipes and filtered water to bring the final bottling down to 42% ABV.   

Tasting notes

Sweet, woody notes from liquorice root, balanced with light spice from the ginger, zesty orange citrus and rounded off with a hint of cardamom. 

Serving suggestions

The Old Tom Gin can be enjoyed neat, garnished with fresh orange peel, or why not try a Tom Collins cocktail by adding lemon juice, soda and sugar syrup.

Bottle size: 700ml

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